Title, Year

Typographische Monatsblätter (TM), No. 1, January 1933

Cover Designer

Walter Cyliax (1899–1945)


Schweizerischen Typographenbund (Swiss Typographic Association) Bern, Switzerland

Size (h x w), Language

12.25 x 9.125", German

This first issue of TM “shows Cyliax’s uncertain judgement as a designer, and is easy to criticize from a functional standpoint. Although the right-hand down stroke of the ‘M’ defines the central vertical axis of the page, the letter is merely a decorative device, with no connection to the meaning of the word.” (Richard Hollis, Swiss Graphic Design, 2006, p. 98)

Cyliax, an art director (Fretz Brothers) working in the printing trade was an influential figure in promoting the New Photography. He used TM as a platform to educate printers while advancing modern graphic design in Switzerland.