Title, Year

Betoniere 9S 12S, 1940


Max Huber, Studio Boggeri (1919-1992)


Loro e Parisini, Italy

Size (h x w), Pages, Language

11.25 x 8.75", 8, Italian

Swiss born, Max Huber first worked for Studio Boggeri in Milan for a short period in 1940/41 (he returned in 1945). This two color catalog for Loro e Parisini (construction equipment company) cement mixer is a remarkable early design showcasing Huber’s Swiss training (Kunstgewerbeschule Zürich) and sensibilities: organized and logical with an advanced use of grids, photography and typography (hand-lettering). Studio Boggeri worked with innovate, industrial clients in pre/post war Italy and attracted the brightest Italian, German and Swiss talent.