Typography: A Manual of Design 4th Ed.

Title, Year

Typography: A Manual of Design 4th Ed., 1982, 4th Revised Ed.


Emil Ruder (1914-1970)


Emil Ruder

Publisher, Size (h x w)

Arthur Niggli Ltd., Teufen AR, Switzerland, 11 x 8.75", 220 pp., English / French / German

Ruder's seminal book on every conceivable typographic problem in relation to texture, weight, color, legibility spacing and leading is explained. Preface by Adrian Frutiger. Introduction with 17 chapters (i.e. Function and form, Arrangements, Contrasts, Unity of text and form, Variations, Proportions, etc.), profusely illustrated in black & white from studies executed by the author or in the Typography Course of the AGS Basel. With photographs by Armin Hofmann, Werner Blaser and André Gürtler. Not to be compared to the original edition but a nice, more accessible alternative.

A nearly fine softcover.

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