The Visual Language of Herbert Matter DVD

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The Visual Language of Herbert Matter DVD
A Documentary Film by Reto Caduff,

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Pixiu Films Production, Zürich, Switzerland, , English

From the DVD: Herbert Matter was a man who seemingly fit many lives into one by excelling in the creative disciplines of design, photography and film. The documentary The Visual Language of Herbert Matter by director Reto Caduff profiles his extraordinary life and seminal work. With the help of historical footage, photographs, never-before-seen film excerpts (some shot by Matter himself) and a broad overview of his extensive body of work, the documentary brings the picture of an overlooked creative genius back into focus. Including interviews with Robert Frank, Massimo Vignelli, Steven Heller and many others, the film tells the story of a remarkable career and its influential impact on the evolving language of design during the short 20th century both in the USA and Europe.

Brand new DVD, 78 minutes, color/black and white

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