Munich Olympic 1972 – 100m Sprint
Munich Olympic 1972 – 100m Sprint
Munich Olympic 1972 – 100m Sprint

Title, Year

Munich Olympic 1972 – 100m Sprint, 1971


Otl Aicher (1922–1991)

Size (h x w)

Germany, 33 x 23.375", German

From the series of (21) Athletic Event Posters designed by Otl Aicher (and his team; Ian McLaren) for the 1972 Munich Summer Olympics using posterization and blended colors from the core palette supported by Frutiger's Univers 55 typeface. This abstract, emotive style provided a strong contrast with Aicher's more factual, information-like posters. “Because of the wide international distribution (which would otherwise require translation into numerous languages), the poster was primarily graphic, with the text limited to the simple statement München 1972 and the dates of the Olympiad.” (Ian McLaren, Otl Aicher by Rathgeb, 2006). Aicher's contribution to the design and development of the 1972 Olympics was perhaps ... his most important and influential achievement.

Foto: Longines 07.71.36 Printed in Germany by Gerber, München – a very good, still bright original poster with some creasing/wear to the upper left-hand corner.

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