New York Subway Guide
New York Subway Guide
New York Subway Guide

Title, Year

New York Subway Guide, 1972


Massimo Vignelli

Publisher, Size (h x w)

New York City Transit Authority (MTA), USA, 21 x 18", double-sided pp., English

Designed by Massimo Vignelli, based on principles set forth by Henry Beck's London Underground map designed in 1933, this classic yet "controversial" diagrammatic map set on both 45 and 90 degree with each line represented by a color and each stop represented by a dot is dated 1972 (2). Printed in 10 colors and set in Helvetica and Helvetica Medium (unlike subsequent editions which used Trade Gothic) it's a systematic, rational and beautiful representation by a master of grids and "modern" graphic design.

A very good, folded original subway map with a small ink mark, slight wear and a few spots on the front white cover. Light creases to the interior when opened flat.

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