Ladislav Sutnar : Visual Design in Action Poster
Ladislav Sutnar : Visual Design in Action Poster

Title, Year

Ladislav Sutnar : Visual Design in Action Poster, 1961


Noel Martin (1922–2009)

Size (h x w)

USA, 24 x 18", English

The American Institute of Graphic Arts presents Sutnar: visual design in action, an exhibition on view — free at the Pepsi-Cola Exhibition Gallery, 500 Park Avenue, NY, August 2 to 30 [Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm] originated by The Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, in cooperation with Champion Papers of Hamilton, Ohio. Design attributed to Noel Martin. Printed offset in black on a heavy, coated paper. Stunning!

The lack of discipline in our present day urban-industrial environment has produced a visual condition, characterized by clutter, confusion and chaos. There is an urgent need need for visual communication based upon precision and clarity. This is the area in which Ladislav Sutnar excels.

A fine, uncirculated original poster.

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