Compendium for Literates

Title, Year

Compendium for Literates
A System of Writing, 1974, 1st ed.


Karl Gerstner (b. 1930)


Karl Gerstner

Publisher, Size (h x w)

The MIT Press, Cambridge Mass., USA, 6 x 6", 180 pp., English

1st English language edition by Dennis Q. Stephenson from the 1972 German edition titled Kompendium for Alphabeten: Systematik der Schrift. Gerstner's important book on every conceivable typographic problem in relation to texture, weight, color, legibility spacing and leading is explained. Divided into five chapters (then further into parameters and components) including: Writing and language, Craft, Picture, Function and Expression. A classic!

A near fine black cloth hardcover with a cocked spine and small previous owners name in ink. A very good jacket with light wear.

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