Ivan Leonidov – Massimo Vignelli

Title, Year

Ivan Leonidov – Massimo Vignelli
Russian Visionary Architect 1902–1959, 1978


Massimo Vignelli (1931–2014)

Client, Size (h x w)

The Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies, NY, USA, 16 x 23", English

Rare. Published on the occasion of the exhibition: The Work of Ivan Leonidov, Russian Visionary Architect: 1902–1959 from February 1–25, 1978 at New York's Institute of Architecture and Urban Studies. Designed a few years before the more well-known series for the same client. Vignelli’s enthusiasm for a basic palette of black/red/white, unique photographic perspective, horizontal black band, strict grid, scale and functional type is a striking example of his dedication to modernist sensibilities. In 1964, Vignelli left Milan, Italy and moved to New York City to lead the Unimark International office ...the rest is graphic design history.

A very good poster that has been rolled resulting in waviness and mild wear. Would look fantastic framed.

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